Soups, made it myself !

Consommé,with home-made custard
Lauchcremesuppe, with fresh herbs
Traditional potato soup, with smoked bacon

Appetizers,small warm & cold dishes



Dear guests,in the restaurant we accept
only the EC-cheque card and cash payment !
All prices incl 19 % Value added tax and service !
Dear guests
our meat- and sausage products
come from local butchers and slaughter ,This is guaranteed
best quality and freshness through own cattle shopping in the traditional country !
to the 3. Even excellent operating,by"the gourmet“,
at the 400 best butcher shop addresses in Germany !

Butcher Bechtel,Zella – Butcher shop :

Ziegenhain,in the fortress ! 06691/3382
Zella,Production/sales,Vor der Brücke 16, Walk , 50 m right from the hotel
Schrecksbach,in the Edeka market GISS man ! 06698/442
Alsfeld,at NKD,Schwälmer bread shop ,Beverage source 06631/72690
Sausage shipping
Good appetite !!!!!

schnitzel, fresh out of the Pan !

schnitzel,”Wiener Art”
French fries and salad
Jägerschnitzel,with mushrooms,
French fries and salad
Zigeunerschnitzel,with spicy paprika sauce,
French fries and salad
Schnitzel "Chilli",fresh chillis,in roast sauce, with melted cheese
french fries and mixed salad
with French fries and salad
Hawaiian steak,baked with pineapple and cheese,
French fries and salad
Tyrolean Bauernschnitzel,Au Gratin with ham and cheese,
French fries and salad
schnitzel, ” Italy”,baked with tomatoes,Oregano and cheese
French fries and salad
Paris cutlet, with fried eggs, Bacon, fresh herbs
French fries and salad
schnitzel, with pepper cream sauce
French fries and salad
Small portion of your choice,the above chip
French fries and salad
schnitzel,"Hesse",with onion,Bacon,Hessian Apple sauce
savory roasted potatoes and traditional sour cream salad
Steak plate,"Butcher's art",three chips
Hunter Gypsy cream sauce and baked potatoes

Off Grill and pan specialty !

Lumberjack steak,from hearty pork neck,spicy spices,
with onions,Bacon, Fried egg and fried potatoes
"Traditional Pan", steaks,beef,Pig,
Potato sausage ,Beans and fried potatoes
Schweinemedalions,"Normandy"fine Calvados sauce
Swiss fried grated potatoes and mixed salad
Cordon Bleu, pork,filled with ham and cheese,
with fries and mixed salad
Grill plate, little steaks of beef and pork, Bacon
Tomatoes,Green beans, spicy seasoned and French fries
Schweinemedalions,on fresh mushrooms
Potato croquettes and mixed salad

Steaks of beef, Quality guarantees from the country Schwälmer ®

Our meat comes from the meat shop of Bechtel, Zella !
naturally matured, "medium" fried !
rump steak,with onions
and hearty fried potatoes
rump steak,with homemade herb butter
French fries
rump steak, “Madagascar”,with fine pepper sauce
and French fries
rump steak,”Gorgonzola”,with blue cheese au gratin
and potato croquettes
rump steak,with chanterelles
and Swiss Rösti's
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Steakhouse, (Fresh weight ca 350 g)

Western steak,
with green & red beans ,Fried Bacon ,spicy seasoned
Fried potatoes and Kräuterschmanddip
rump steak, "a la Chef "with fresh garlic,Paprika,
Chili, Onions,Butter rice and mixed traditional salad plate
rump steak, "Schwälmer ART"
with grated fresh horseradish,
savory roasted potatoes and Schwälmer Schmand salad
Fillet steak, with homemade herb butter
and French fries
Fillet steak,with fresh garlic,in butter
and French fries
Fillet steak, with fine pepper Sherry cream sauce
and French fries
Fillet steak,with chanterelles
and Swiss Rösti's
The steaks we serve you like,
a mixed traditional salad plate ,with Bauer sour cream

Poultry specialities & Fish

Chicken breast,”nature “,Fried
on cream sauce,Croquettes and mixed salad
Chicken,"Thai",Wok vegetables
Sweet and sour mango sauce and basmati rice
Sliced Turkey,in a cream sauce
with nipped and mixed salad
Salmon steak,”Norwegian”,nature ,from the grill
on fine "Rosse-sauce",Butter rice and salad
Traditional sour cream herring, noble Herring's, garnished with
Fresh Kräuterm,Onions,Sour cream and roasted potatoes


Omelette, with cheese ,Mushrooms and hash Brown's
veg plate,market-fresh vegetables of the season with rice
Cheese Spätzle, “Austria”,gratinated with cheese,Fried onions
fresh herbs and mixed salad
Vegetable skewers, Vegan
Hollandaise sauce and croquettes,

Sunday lunch,(except holidays)

our 3-course menu for 11,90 €

For our little guests !

schnitzel,”Bufferlo Bill”,
with French fries and ketchup
Chicken nugget,
with French fries,Ketchup
Grilled sausage
with French fries
Spätzle,with cream sauce
French fries, Red-White
extra childishness map !