slay fixedSo go to the "Schlachte Buffet" Bechtel's



1. Tuesday and Wednesday in March

The following date is planned depending on the current situation:

2.+3. March 2021

each from 17.00 h

buffet price 15,50 €

Our specialty beer: “Tegernsee Hell” , fresh from the barrel – 0,5L Circuit 3,80 € –

– everything from our own slaughter production of butcher Bechtel, Zella –


Soup: Wurstesuppe with insert

Cold dishes: Fresh Chopped Schlachte,pickled in aspic, Schwälmer Bauernbrot, cucumbers,Schmalz,

Warm food: liverwurst, black pudding, Potato sausage, weckewerk, boiled pork, meatballs, grilled Spießbraten, pork liver, sauerkraut, Mashed potatoes, potato pan

Various sweet desserts

Of course you can also order by Map!

Reservations would be good !